new paradigm in über-time

i n d e x / a p e r a t u r e

blinded in light

and he



i had


last night

god, this

half me

half someone 

not me

sleep tonight

he or i

more than heavens delight

i can't 
but i do

your heart
over lain

it is
much too 


i've been

this time
you existed

of and
of me

we are
the same thing

be here

so hard

it is
as it

as it 
always be

i love you
i love

do not

what this
do you?

love for the price of television

poor boys

x-rated move

broken down
and into
like an abandoned car

christ for
the price of love

long hard and fast
they fell
into oblivion

no words only sounds
could capture
the meaning of the thing

long hard and fast
christ for the love
of television

to be continued

and then again
its not
its the same

as its always been
that was the fuckin

of it
the hard long
and slow

thing of it they
were lost

were gone not


not ever how
could they?

how would they?

no tears my

its soon

Nevets, old friend, here's the mirrored other half of the un-mix/mix - remember - the urban infinity? - the cleaverly referenced (appearance of crowley 1/3, etc.)corrispondance, as you move through from great coast to great coast, as your timebeing-self enters our hemisphere, closer 'in real' time - to our beings in time [remind me to tell a story of Jager and Frodo, and of Oland K. the Scotsman, who says he knows your good name, how they came eastward or westward or whicheverward to - St. Jhonsburry - in old Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom it's called- and it is, ....but i do degress in prelude).

So as above, this litttle gem here is, at the moment, for you, just for you, all for you ( maybe tp did see it - pk i think looked at it, then me, a raving idiot, which i am, sorry, mwp finaly smiles, and peadra, who i met that evening, even mentioned she might - but remember, all me dear ones, the night is long, and all is tried through fire, and the things of less import tend to vanish at first sight of dawns early light.... as they should, and thank you goddess...) This, be my (and not bad for that) first, hopfully not my last, but truly, the very first gesture toward this medium in order to ask for one more day, a chance to bring and bind all talents together.

Augh, Neptune, this is for you, utmost. You, the ruler of all who move in unknown places, mystery, lord of eternal desire and illusion, as below, even in celluloid - as you would a dream, as the night sea, dreaming of isis and osiris - this be for you - as all timebeings as well who choose to come here unnoticed, slip seamlessly through, into the void...

for "you"

"Why ask why?"

"Why now?"

"Why not?"

p r o l o g u e

the impenetrable philosopher's stone

Luciferian, Manifesto

The Pornography of severed skin

meta-language vs. anti-aesthetic

for the love of television

peyote x-mas[un-mix]

this is a very low rez sample. i'm working on getting the hi-rez uploaded... so you can see its lovely detail...xo

Luciferian, Manifesto

You, you may you may think you may think in you may think in any you may think in any direction you may think in any direction you you may think in any direction you may you may think in any direction you may think you may think in any direction you may think you may think in any direction you may think there are you may think in any direction you may think there are other you may think in any direction you may think there are other forms you may think in any direction you may think there are other forms of direction you may think in any direction you may think there are other forms or direction you you may think in any direction you may think there are other forms of direction you may you may think in any direction you may think their are other forms of direction you may think you may think in any direction you may think there are other forms of direction you may think you are a self you may think in any direction you may think there are other forms of direction you may think yourself aware you may think in any direction you may think there are other forms in any direction you may think think yourself aware you may think in any direction you may think there are other forms of you you may think you may think in any direction

The Pornography of Severed Skin

poor boys
in x-rated

broken down
and into
like an


as cheap

at your
back seat



the pleasures
for performing actors



on to

plastic skin



and actors

black arts





inducing commodity
the true need of image

in front of me watch
time detaching love

finds its place
the heart

but instead matter escapes randomly
nothing can be found in the vicinity

p r o l o g u e


When I left our ancestral sea, across a waste of inland sands, I looked back; past an impossible distance forever extending towards the blue Argon Precambrian sky and Prokaryotic color fields of green. Some odd billion-years later and it’s still, all just a blur.


Imagery, although, has stayed with its descendants. As a species we turned upward and outward to gaze at the heavens, there we communed with gods then theorized their dominions in the surrounding possibilities. We built instruments, charted maps, navigated ships through seas of stars, discovered continents, and a strange other people there. When we stare deep into the heart of a cold vast emptiness, we look to see what, if anything, is looking back.

Then, as now, our ability, to know what it is we are truly looking at, is limited. If what is above symbolizes our yearnings to know the mysteries of life, then what is below must be contained, in some fashion, by the question itself. Yielded through nature and the nurture of our Earth, a common experience eventually forged the origins of ancient tribes, civilizations and nations. It was from within the diversity of these cultural experience that our symbols and systems of understanding evolved. We believe ourselves to be aware, cognizant, possessing the full faculties of reason, determining meaning, recognizing potential, and appreciating its value.

The advancements in technology we see about us, today, are likely first sights of the coming paradigm shifts of the 21st Century. The very ideas of progress, under these circumstances, may exploite the very limitations of our perception. We are prompted to look deeper and deeper within the substance of lives, yet as we do, life, as we know it, becomes increasingly, more and more detached. This disconnect, which masks or, at best, unwittingly denies a crisis of the 20th Century's unrestrained social and economic behavior, if left unchecked will eventually drain the colors of our world.

This grayness manifests itself with no sense or purpose. The absence of color strips away all value. Without value one is left a naked function in a cold and unfeeling mechanism, groomed for propagation, new denizens become lost and confused within servitude to meaninglessness. If we disengaged from our intuition, institutions of learning, systems of politics and practices of worship will loose touch with the only insight into the wonder, beauty and mystery, which is our lives. We will have forgotten that within the human experience we have the power to inspire and effect change.

: e n o


was the first time. what was it
do you remember that time,
the last time we met.
there's no way in, there's no way out.

The last time i saw you soft glow, we had just left atlantus. , was the first time?.

for the love of television

[ un-rendered text [circa 1993]]

If you're any one of us fortunate enough to reside in most any urban cityscape, then you more or less know what its like to just be here. Personally, as one who was barely old enough to watch Bat-Man in the 60's and still confused by the generation X, Y, Z thing. Day to Day living takes on now more than ever the 'more you try it the more you like ' approach but it soon will take on more than daily living can afford.

We can be divided into categories and sub-categories and re-located to respective geographic and moralistic territories, each with its own individualized site-specific economic responsibilities.

the battle for the top.

we can all share it we can all be there no one has to make the right decision.

minority, radical, ethnic, or plain out and out deviant. and still we have the utmost common denominator. as plain as our nose on our face.

just to be here

walk its streets

not one or the other but both

smell its warm familiar smells

today every one seems so cautioned. i can only imagine

its force and presence from the 60's

a conscious being in the 90's

we realize how little we know.

our interest and curiosity starts to spread out

we're more concerned with past lives curios to what’s beyond the infinite and possibilities of future incarnations.


power [ defined ]


of t\s dimensions. the fact that yes we each

do have a place in society. that our places can no longer be

prescribed by established norms and that only by perseverance and the will for life can they be attained. defined, created.

what did it all bring us

seems were hardly awake, not me or you in particular, but what we know as reality. the mass populace especially of this country. docile innocent creatures who are willing to lash

out and kill to preserve their perception of reality

maybe all our hang-ups come from pre-birth

perhaps the problem of why and how we came to be in the first place.

transsexual knowledge

reversal of identity, role, personality, power structure

transcendence of roles, sense of action doing, passion, cultivation, creation, curiosity sense of body mind, identity being.

get really high and call me just let the phone ring i know

its you. The immediate bond connected.

high electrical connection.

the cops out side looking with search lights

nothing is true everything permitted

the dark spiritual hole of america

the king of NY

there are people who go crazy all the time, people who flip out and violently kill other people. What is being done. What is their social conditioning where their sanction is insanity?

drug hysteria

The spiritual level of well being

subsonic frequencies: harmonic resonance

spiritual level of manipulation

attempted control


control addicts.

social frequency mind level

police radio

threat of omnipotence

the elephant clergy


impenetrable philosopher’s stone

September 11, 2001

History will, undoubtedly, recognize the catastrophic events of this day as the signaling endpoint of the 20th Century. Collectively, in one form or another, humanity braced for possible monumental disaster at the century’s close. On one hand, there was the uncertainty of Y2K threatening disruption to Mankind's fragile dependency on a technologic infrastructure regulating the flow of information and commerce. Another pointed towards a winding down of a great celestial mechanism. Prophetic ideologues for centuries past forecast apocalyptic visions of doom and devastation turning throughout the Millennium. Today, perhaps, we stand much too close in the vortex of time to rightly ascertain the larger, inter-personal and continuing political implications of this days. What we are beginning to see is how these events, and the responces to them will shape a way of life for centuries to come.


The dominant paradigms of the Twentieth Century tend to abate everything and anything that cannot be examined or repeated in the unforgiving absolute light of science. Plodded by an elite ethic, science codifies academic learning, which in turn broadly precludes the role of unknown or questionable phenomena within its cannon. Accordingly, any experiences unable to be classified or verified, confirmed or denied are sanctioned through channels of probability, relegated to folklore or discarded altogether. This reaction is a validation of a rational and recognizable world, and is itself, just a cultural expression of one perceived reality.

As the unknown becomes known, new knowledge is revealed. These paradigms will, most likely, have a much longer and involved realization. For example, in order to describe a function of the observable universe, Albert Einstein in the theory of special relativity, directly challenges the perception and direction of the flow of time. The subsequent particle revolution, quantum mechanics, centers around a world of tendencies and probabilities towards existence that are dependent on this theory of time. The idea of past, present and future blur in the Quantum Eye, as the observer becomes confused with the observed. Yet, the simplest questions “why are we here, where are we going, and what’s this all about?” to the method of science, seem more a mythology, like an un-wielded, impenetrable philosopher’s stone.

Stated clearly the problem is this: Mankind has grafted its knowledge from a series of truths that do not add up. In the past this was not so much a problem, as the mythos of a culture tended to adopt the new meanings or inflection it suddenly found itself surrounded with. When a culture solidifies within the pretense of a total information society, there is little room for autonomy. The potential of the individual within culture is crudely misshapen. Crisis is manufactured and perpetuated in order to maintain the status quo. Most disturbing is the notion that Mankind’s survival and its problem-solving abilities are very much rooted in these failing systems.

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